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Terms and Conditions

1. Listed Prices
1.1 All prices listed in this book are full retail prices.
1.2 Prices may be subject to change without notice.
1.3 All listed prices exclude GST unless otherwise stated.
1.4 Prices exclude freight unless exclusively specified. All freight Ex-factory Brisbane.

2. Payment of goods
If credit facilities are in place the transaction will be governed by the trading terms and conditions set out in the credit application. Customers without credit facilities are required to pay in full for the goods at time of order.

3. Dealer (Distributor) Discounts
Netchef Australia Pty Ltd may choose to provide its regular dealers (distributors) with a percentage discount off retail price. This discount will be provided in writing and is subject to the following:
a) discount is applied to the retail price excluding GST. The dealer must add GST at time of purchase to their order. 

b) the discount only applies to items listed as standard in our published price lists and does not apply to transport, service, spare parts or specially quoted or custom items.

c) Netchef Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to change or withdraw the discount at any time.

4. Multiple Purchase Discounts

4.1 Were Netchef Australia Pty Ltd offers discounts for multiple orders, this discount applies to individual products over the wholesale value (dealer price) of $2000 plus GST on the one purchase order to the same delivery address at the same time.

4.2 Netchef Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to change or withdraw this discount at any time.

5. Order Procedures
5.1 Netchef Australia Pty Ltd requires a written official purchase order for all orders.

5.2 This order must be made out to Netchef Australia Pty Ltd and clearly state the products required (including the product code), the quantity required and the dollar value of the goods at the customer’s buying price (the retail price less the dealer discount), and any special instructions including required date and means of delivery.

5.3 For account customers this purchase will be processed under their credit account (subject to the account still being open and within their credit terms). Customers without account facilities are required to pay in full for the goods at time or order.

5.4 Upon receipt of the order, the product codes, product pricing, delivery details and approximate delivery dates will be checked. Netchef Australia Pty Ltd may query certain parts of the order should any items be unclear. Netchef Australia Pty Ltd will forward back to the customer a sales order acknowledgement for this purpose.

5.5 Unless the customer responds to the order confirmation within 4 hours of transmission, Netchef Australia Pty Ltd will proceed with the order according to those conditions for these items at a late date.

5.6 The order will be processed as soon as possible according to the delivery instructions. Netchef Australia Pty Ltd cannot guarantee delivery times and makes no assurance that quoted delivery times can be met.

6. Advanced and held orders

6.1 Netchef Australia Pty Ltd cannot guarantee to hold stock of pre-orders for any longer than two weeks. Should you choose to delay delivery for whatever reason, Netchef Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to reallocate stock to other orders as it sees fit.

6.2 For orders placed in advance, Netchef Australia Pty Ltd will attempt where possible to meet the requested delivery date. However, as we cannot predict future demand, supply cannot always be guaranteed by the requested date.

7. Cancelled Orders

7.1 Any orders cancelled after the goods have been dispatched incur a 30% restocking fee. This is to cover costs of order processing, dispatch, delivery and re-warehousing.

7.2 For any orders for special/customised products, returns are not accepted. Orders placed for these items cannot be cancelled and the items will be delivered and invoiced in full.

7.3 Dealers must pay for the return freight to our store for cancelled orders.

8. Unpaid Accounts

8.1 In the event of the customer having not met their terms of payment, Netchef Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to:
a) refuse to dispatch any goods on order.
b) refuse to hold any goods on order.
c) refuse to accept additional orders.
d) charge the account holder interest accrued as per our terms and conditions.

9. Office, Order and Dispatch Times

9.1 Netchef Australia Pty Ltd standard office hours are 8.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday.

9.2 Netchef Australia Pty Ltd will process orders for same day dispatch when orders are received by 12 noon on standard working days (subject to stock and freight availability). Please mark orders as urgent to speed up processing time.

9.3 For dispatch or freight details please contact our office.

10. Delivery

10.1 Netchef Australia Pty Ltd offers free into store (FIS) deliveries (on selected products) to our regular dealers (distributors) in metropolitan Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for orders over a total value of $2000 + GST (wholesale price). For orders under $2000, prices are free onboard (FOB) your transport. For deliveries to all others locations, prices are FOB your transport company in the nearest capital city store. 

10.2 Netchef Australia Pty Ltd may also, at the request of customers, deliver directly to end users in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane metropolitan areas. Netchef Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to withdraw this site-delivery offer on any order and deliver only to the dealer’s store for any reason it sees fit. Charges may apply for this service.

10.3 Where deliveries are made to site, the delivery is to kurbside (or dock) of the delivery address in the metropolitan areas of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane only unless special conditions are agreed in advance. It is not the responsibility of Netchef Australia Pty Ltd to unload the product, unless special conditions are agreed in advance by Netchef Australia Pty Ltd. For deliveries outside the metropolitan areas listed, all transport is at the customer’s expense and must be organised by the customer (unless otherwise arranged by Netchef Australia Pty Ltd).

10.4 The customer acknowledges that it is their responsibility to provide labor and equipment to unload and position the goods on site at their own expense.

10.5 Should a tailgate lifting service be required as part of the delivery, an additional charge subject to the size and weight of the item being freighted will apply in addition to any other delivery costs. The tailgate lifters are only to get the product from the truck to ground level. The customer must provide labor and equipment to unload and position the goods on site at their own expense. Netchef Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to increase the cost of tailgate services without notice should an increase be passed by freight companies or for any other reason. Tailgate services are not available in all areas.

10.6 Insurance for goods in transit is not included in the purchase price. If insurance is required by the customer, it must be arranged by the customer either, direct with the carrier or their insurance agent.

10.7 Purchase price or delivery fees do not include unpacking, placement or positioning of equipment or connection to services or removal of rubbish and packing crates.

10.8 In cases where the customer (including the dealer’s end user) fails to take delivery of the product, for whatever reason, an additional charge of $500 + GST will be charged to the customer for each failed delivery.

10.9 Delivery times cannot be guaranteed under normal terms of delivery. If the customer requires a specific delivery time a surcharge will apply and be payable in full. This
surcharge will vary according to delivery costs. 

10.10 Netchef Australia Pty Ltd will choose the carrier (Transport Company) with whom the freight is forwarded. Should the dealer or customer require the freight to be delivered using a particular carrier than the goods will be supplied free on board your transport company at our Brisbane factory.

10.11 Where FIS special terms are agreed in advance for single or ongoing deliveries for customers outside Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne the above conditions (10.1 to 10.10) also apply.

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