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GALA Self Contained Cubers DP20

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$ 1,803.00
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Production (kg): 20
Storage (kg): 9
Cubes per cycle 12
Dimensions (mm) WxBxH: 405 x 515 x 640 (plus 95-165 legs)
Watts (amps): 355
Net Weight: 36

Product Description

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The working principle of the Gala NG Range is based on the well-known injector-pump. We have added innovating features, such as the revolutionary ITV patented elastic spray system, using flexible nozzles to avoid scale or lime build-up. It is unique!

The pump has been designed and developed by ITV R&D department. As result, we eliminated the seals in order to avoid deterioration due to the water quality. To ensure optimal performance in the roughest environment, the machines are equipped with tropicalized. T Class compressors and have frontal an ‘in-out’ ventilation. 

The complete range comes with an AISI 304 stainless steel hosing. We also implemented our unique “STIF” concept that gives a great solidity but also allows total accessibility to the interior without dismantling the machine and the “EASI” concept that enables each and everyone to disassemble the icemaker with just a screwdriver. Maximum service-ability is therefore achieved.






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