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1 Door Sandwich Prep

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$ 3,254.00
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Volume: 177
Dimensions (mm) WxBxH: 1200 x 790 x 840/880
Power AMP: 2.5
Net Weight: 109

Product Description

Salad Sandwich Counter
  • The arc angular design on the base plate ensures compliance with the sanitation requirement.
  • R134a, CFC free green refrigerant.
  • Fast and even dynamic cooling.
  • Cold air circulation system by fan, to enable quick refrigeration effect and uniform temperature.
  • Removable door gasket can be easily replaced and cleaned.
  • Freely adjustable height by plastic coated shelves which can be pulled out completely. You can flexibly arrangethe refrigeration space.
  • Polyurethane foaming insulation, outstanding temperature preservation and reduce energy consumption.
  • Auto evaporation of frost water .
  • Versatile castor, for convenient and easy movement.
  • CE, RoHS compliance.
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The plastic coated shelves are hard, strong and easy to clean. Tested -35°Cdurability. The arc angular design on thebase plate complies with therequirements of sanitationrequirement Digital adjustable. Temperature control. Certified by CE & UL standard






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